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Chen Geng, Fashion Flying Groups’s founder, established the company with a 6-person team in 1999. By focusing on outdoor garments and performance workwear for 19 years, Fashion Flying Group has become one of the biggest performance outdoor wear suppliers in China.

With currently more than 180 people in its Fuzhou office and 14,500 workers in its production bases across China, Vietnam and Africa, Fashion Flying Group is truly a global company.

Fashion Flying Group

Company Timeline


  • Throughout the very challenging Covid period where global markets contracted, and supply chains were severely disrupted FFG was able to maintain its dedicated and well trained staff thereby positioning itself for the post Covid rebound.
  • By supporting both its staff and customers the company was able to regroup quickly, bringing together the strengths of the company to ratchet up both production and shipments to pre pandemic levels of service.
  • Now in 2023 the group has expanded its production base again by close ties with a sister company based in Myanmar. This high quality manufacturing facility offers duty free production with a manageable leadtime. Its proven track record of supplying major brands guarantees the same level of quality and production values that the groups customers have come to expect from Fashion Flying.
  • Please contact your merchandising partner for further details.


  • We launch new outstanding range of GEO ECO family fabrics. From 100% Biodegradable through to Coconut and Bamboo fibre fabrics GEO’s new range of High Performance-Low Impact fabrics offer the option to produce garments with a conscience at an affordable price!  Unprecedented demand from consumers old and young has driven GEO to create the highest standard of natural, recycled and biodegradable yarns and fabrics to be used to produce tomorrows garments today. See all the latest developments at


  • Latest: Intelligent manufacturing – Jiangxi Fashion-Flying Factory. FFG establishes its latest innovative production base in Jiangxi province with the latest technological processes designed to deliver rapid reaction and high efficiency.
  • FFG has won a coveted “ISPO Award Winner 2018” for its GEO TECH DRY ADRENALINE DRY JACKET. The company also received the “High Standard & Quality Award” from METRO group.


  • GEO products won 2 silver and 1 bronze awards at the Canton Fair.
  • FFG established its own fabric and technology brand ‘GEO’.


  • FFG jointly invested in production bases in both Vietnam and Ethiopia, as well as joining in another project in Rwanda. In addition, it established another modernized production base in Jiangxi, China.
  • ‘33000ft’ achieved remarkable growth and was one of the “Top 10 Outdoor wear brands” on T-mall, China’s biggest ecommerce platform.


  • FFG won the golden award, the silver award and one of the three bronze awards for garment design in the Canton Fair.
  • FFG purchased a 4000sqm property in Hengli Financial Center, with 140 staff.


FFG became the nominated manufacturer for the 2013 Commonwealth Games.


  • The company was selected for the “Made in China” initiative.
  • Launched the company’s own B2C ecommerce brand ‘33000ft’ in the Chinese market.
  • FFG passed the ETI audit and became the nominated manufacturer for the 2012 London Olympics volunteer’s uniforms.


FFG merged the ‘SUMITEX’ technical production facility into the group which was previously owned by Taiwanese.


  • The company experienced a growth of 75%, increasing its annual turnover under the worldwide financial crisis.
  • FFG won the golden award of ‘zero claims rate in 2010’ and ‘highest quantity in single style in 2010’ from OTTO Group, a Global 500 enterprises.
  • Its production bases passed the BSCI audit.


FFG witnessed rapid growth with a 40% increase in annual turnover and received the ISO 9001 Quality system certificate.


FFG witnessed rapid growth with a 40% increase in annual turnover and received the ISO 9001 Quality system certificate.


FFG purchased a 400sqm property in Worldwide Plaza, with 20 staff. Also established its first production base in Fuzhou and becomes an integrated enterprise of manufacturing and trading.


FFG started in a small office with 6 persons as a trading company.

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