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NEW FOR 2021
Launches Outstanding Range of ECO Family Fabrics

From 100% Biodegradable through to Coconut and Bamboo fibre fabrics GEO’s new range of High Performance-Low Impact fabrics offer the option to produce garments with a conscience at an affordable price!

Unprecedented demand from consumers old and young has driven GEO to create the highest standard of natural, recycled and biodegradable yarns and fabrics to be used to produce tomorrows garments today.

Performance will always be at the heart of GEO and now we are able to offer both great technical fabrics but also ones that are kind to the environment and meet the demands of the market as we adapt to the “new normal”.

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Adrenaline Dry Jacket; ISPO Award Winner 2018

The most important feature of this garments is the special GEO TECH Dry water soluble electrolytic fabric; the latest technology which creates a solution for the adrenaline sports participant.
This fabric has 100% air permeability with high water and wind resistance performance.

In weaving, man-made yarn is implanted on the fabric, the man-made fiber is then dissolved by special dyes giving the fabric a plurality of Nib size holes, which ensure 100% breathability even during sustained activity.

Key highlights;

  • Offers 100% breathability for people on the move
  • Water and wind-resistant performance without compromising breathability
  • The fabric is with the latest PFC free water-resistant treatment
  • Offering water repellency which is kind to the planet
  • Technical design combined with 3D pattern cutting ensuring a perfect fit
  • GEO TECH Stretch fabric in the side panels allows for full movement
  • The fabric is treated with the anti-mosquito and quick dry function
  • Every GEO TECH Dry garment come with a coveted ISPO award hangtag
ISPO Award
GEO TECH DRY Award-wnning